Just Around the Corner

Adventure 1: Walter Corbitt and the Obsidian Silhouette

To: A-Cell
From: Ms. Green-4, Gamma Cell
Observation Report

The local feds picked up my next target. I spotted them snooping around the Chapel of Contemplation. They were looking into the kidnapping of Deborah Rhymes. I have to say, these kids got a lot farther than I would have with their experience level. I guess there’s strength in numbers. I’m going to keep an eye on them. If five people with heavy armaments can’t survive a single madman, I’ll help them, but forget about them. But if they do, well, I’m supposed to have partners in Gamma Cell, right?

The newbies had a run-in with a cultist. The last one from the Chapel’s golden days. He’s dangerous, but I think Hammer Cell and I managed to whittle his bag of tricks down considerably. I cornered him into his little hiding spot; I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take him out in a well of concentrated craziness. But the kids stumbled in and flushed him out. The moron followed them home. They were very heavily armed and they slept in shifts; they tore right through his wards and sent him running. I finished the job.

Too bad about their car, though. Maybe I can pull some strings. I mean, the parts are all there, he just deconstructed it. On that note, any orders, or am I still up to my own discretion?




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